Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend Projects: Dollar Store Mug

Title says it all. It's a thing I'm gonna start doing. (Technically I started last week but I also did a mug last week so I didn't want to do a double mug weekend.)

Yesterday I took my brother and his friend to see Thor 2 (great movie) and as usual we stopped by the dollar store to pick up some candy on the cheap. I saw this mug which had a removable paper insert that could be traced and redrawn to whatever the mug-user wanted the mug to sport. I found some shiny acrylic red paint and fun little embellishments to create a santa-esque mug to cart my coffee to school with me. It didn't take long at all.

This would actually be a great project for kids to do. I think if they were given pre-cut templates, paint, glitter, all that other dangerous stuff small children love, they'd be set to make some pretty cute Christmas presents for their parents.

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